About Me

My name is Katie Schwarz. I am the one-woman-show behind Katie Schwarz Design, an indie Graphic Design Studio & Print Shop, and I blog over at katiedyd.com. KatieDyd was a childhood nickname, and I launched KatieDyd Designs, the first iteration of my design business in 2009. I focused primarily on stationery and paper goods.

Soon, I began to offer logo design as an extension of my custom stationery work. Launching and designing my own emerging brand was an experience that eventually led me to my passion. I love to work with creative start-ups and solopreneurs who are excited about pursuing their vision. This starting/running a business thing can be overwhelming: I am passionate about sharing my expertise with you. Together we can create a brand experience that speaks to your clients and meets their needs.

I collaborate with women entrepreneurs who are ready to focus their vision and communicate their message with on-brand visuals that are functional as well as beautiful.

In addition to graphic design services, I offer a selection of marketing materials and brand swag in the Print Shop. This isn't your typical print shop. It is a personalized shopping experience for the creative entrepreneur. 

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About Me

I currently live in Pensacola, Florida with my husband, two small children, and a little dog named Zoey. You can generally find me spending time with my family, sitting at my computer creating something in Illustrator, or sewing. I am a maker at heart!

I've been in the graphic design field for 8+ years, and have an BAS degree in ministry and graphic design. How can I help you with your branding journey?